New Bicycles

Maryland is called Little America for a reason. From the rolling hills in the west to the flat beaches of the east, we have every kind of terrain you can imagine! That is why Germantown Cycles offers a wide range of bicycle styles - we want to make sure we have the right bike for wherever you plan to ride. We carry the largest manufacturer of bikes in the world, Giant, check out their selection at Liv is women's specific brand that builds their bikes ground up designed specifically for women, check out their selection at We are also proud to now be caring Salsa Bicycles with their eclectic range of bikes check out their selection at We carry one of the preeminent brands in BMX in Haro along with their kids bike lines, check out and for their offerings. Last, but not least we carry Santa Cruz and their great selection of high end mountain bikes check out

Mountain Bikes

Roll Over Roots & Rocks

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been freeriding for years, Germantown Cycles has you covered. We carry great basic cross-country bikes (front suspension only) all the way up the line to carbon full-suspension bikes.

Road & Racing Bicycles

Built for Speed

If you’re looking for a road bike, you already know it. You’re ready to lean over and spin, spin, spin. Still, there are sub-categories of road bikes that you should be aware of like racing bikes, distance road or touring bikes, triathlon bikes, and even comfort road bikes. There are aluminum frames, titanium frames, steel frames and carbon frames. We also stock everything you will need to keep riding on like clothing, lightweight and aerodynamic helmets, multi-tools, pumps, cyclocomputers, etc.

Hybrid Bicycles

All-purpose Go Anywhere Bicycle

If you are planning on riding the C&O Canal, cruising the neighborhood, or shedding those extra pounds, you will enjoy the versatility of a hybrid bicycle. We offer three styles of hybrids.
  • Adventure Hybrids

Perfect for the C&O Canal and light dirt trails that you would find at a campground. Adventure hybrids offer front suspension forks to dampen rough trails, and large, efficient diameter wheels. If you plan to combine light trail riding with paved bike paths, look for an adventure hybrid that has a lock-out on the suspension fork.

  • Comfort Bicycles

Comfort bikes fall into two separate categories. Both have comfort features like adjustable handlebar positioning, comfort saddles with suspension seat posts, and intuitive gear shifters and brake controls. So what’s the difference? The dimension of the wheels – classic hybrids have a taller, leaner wheel while classic comfort bikes have a shorter, beefier wheel. It’s not a huge difference in the parking lot but it makes a difference when you’re on the road, trail, etc. Time for a test ride?

  • Fitness Hybrids

This is a newer style of bike that mimics more traditional hybrids but leans towards performance more than comfort. These bikes are still considered more comfortable than road bikes because they have upright handlebars and slightly wider tires. Fitness bikes are best for a mixture of leisure, commuting and solo or group distance riding. These are also ideal rider for athletic types who are new to cycling. These bikes are also common as second bikes – or winter bikes – for racers.

Kids Bikes

Built for Fun & Built to Last

Oh kids, it’s so hard to comprehend them. At first, they don’t want to ride at all. Then, all they want to do is ride. There’s no controlling it but we can make sure that we’re outfitting them with gear that fits. Fit equals safety. They need a helmet, they’ll want a bell, and above all, kids need good, calm instruction that makes sense to them. It takes patience but it’s worth it to us. We’re happy to instruct Moms, Dads and Grandparents too. Just ask.

BMX & Freestyle Bikes

Whether you’re riding ramps, street, flatland, dirt or racing BMX, we got it. If you’re not sure yet, we can help you sort out what matters to you most. There is a lot of opinion out there about BMX bikes and the people who ride them but only those few who really ride BMX know what we’re talking about. Whether you’re 14 or 40.