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The Best Hybrid Bike for You

How to Choose The Best Hybrid Bike for YOU!

How do you know which hybrid bicycle is right for you? Start by thinking about what type of riding experience you want to have.

Read the descriptions below, and then click the button to find the best hybrid bikes in each category.The next step to finding the best hybrid bike is to stop into our showroom and take a free test ride. You will then be able to feel the comfort, performance and quality for yourself!

Upright Comfort Bicycles

Upright geometry. Plush seats. Back-friendly design. Easy to pedal. These are the hallmarks of today’s comfort bicycles. If you are ready to have fun and feel like you barely left your sofa, this is the breed of bike for you. While not technically a hybrid — the wheels are 26″ in diameter and thicker tires than on a hybrid.

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Comfort Hybrid Bikes

Larger diameter wheels and thinner tires than the comfort bike allow you to ride faster with less effort while still staying upright.  Perfect if you are looking for a good workout coupled with an upright comfortable geometry. Comfort hybrids come with or without front shocks to dampen vibration.

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Fitness & Commuter Hybrids

With a sportier geometry, fitness bikes are great for exercise and commuting. Lightweight frames and components keep you from being weighed down. Aggressive riding posture for more power to the pedal. Great for burning calories or getting to and from work in style. A great choice if you want the speed of a road bike without the lean required from a drop bar bike.

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Adventure Hybrid Bikes

Rugged adventure hybrids are perfect for national parks and dirt paths as well as a weekday commute over rough city terrain. If you plan to spend time on packed dirt trails and want a bike that can handle pavement as well, this is your style of hybrid. Front shocks are standard on adventure hybrids, and many come with optional disc brakes so you can stop on a dime in almost any kind of weather.

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What is a Hybrid Bike?

There are may styles of hybrid bikes. Choosing the best hybrid bike for you begins with determining what style of hybrid you need.

Hybrid bicycles are the perfect solution for anyone who wants the to travel on both paved and trail surfaces. Hybrids have large diameter 700c wheels (about 28″) – just like a road bike. Hybrid tires are thicker, like a mountain bike. Hybrid bicycles are extremely versatile, and are perfect if you want to:

  • Spend time with your family and friends outdoors.
  • Exercise and be comfortable at the same time.
  • Commute to work over varying terrain.
  • Spend $0 mpg while running errands.

Test Ride Hybrid Bicycles & Get Friendly, Expert Advice!

Are you ready to take the next step and test ride a hybrid bicycle? Stop into the Germantown Cycles showroom, or call us at 240-404-0695 for more details.

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